Sites to visit


Chats, VIPs, TV

Russian TV program. In Russian.
Another Russian TV program. In Russian.
Another Russian TV program. In Russian.
Live panorama of Stanford University.
San Francisco from Sutro Tower
Live panorama of SF.
Comedy central
My favorite TV channel.
WWW Chat
GlasNet World Chat Page
Chat page of my provider's server.
ChatCafe registration page
Another chat page in Belgium.


Librorum Liberorum
Some free astronomy programs.
Russian Computer Games
As is. Freeware.
Free software, freeware
Lots of good freeware. Also... info on comet Hale-Bopp!
An ultimate repository of freeware and no-nagged shareware.
Jumbo! - Hobbies & Home
Shareware repository.
The Great Screensaver Download Page
Tons of screensavers.
Software section on WINTER WWW
Some freeware for Windows 95 and NT.
Web site of well-known company.
Arvid download page
Software support for Arvid - streamer board that turns your VCR into a tape drive (up to 5 GB on 180 VHS tape). Made in Russia.
MuseArc homepage
MuseArc is MPEG layer 3 player.
MPEG Audio Layer 3
Sound compression software. Turns a 36 Mb 16 bit 44 Mhz wav into a 3 Mb MP3.
Proxima Systems Web Server (main)
Developer of cyrillic software for Windows95 and NT.
Windows Commander
My favorite file manager for Windows 3.x/95/NT.
Maplay for Win32 Web Site
Maplay is a MP3 utility.


Russian astrological society homepage.
Newspaper "Astrolog", magazine "Astrologia". Books, services etc. In Russian. , "", "". , .. .
Esoteric Source Providers
Astrology articles.
Quelques poussires d'astrologie
Some astrology info. French.
Astrology software, books etc.
Electronic Library
Collection of astrological articles.
Astrological Analysis of Relationships (software).
LinkMonster Astrology Catalog
Some links.
Download a demo of Galileo astrology software.
Windows Shareware and Demo Programs
Lot of astrology software from Allen Edwall.
Le Carnet de l'Astrologue
French astrology. Good!
Vega Software Index Page
Very good astrology software from South Africa.
Jupitair : Logiciels d'Astro
Articles and software. In French. Very good database on French singers.
Le Grimoire. Guide de l'occulte.
Another French site. Good!
Britannica's Lives
An ultimate database of celebrities's birthdays.
The TwoStar Oracle Library - Listings by Title
Collection of astrological articles.
NewAge On-Line Australia
Astrology, esoteric, prophecy etc. Good!
Astrology / Astrologie - Astrodienst Atlas Database
An ultimate Database on city's coordinates.
The Pupil's Astrology
Czech astrologer's page. Some articles and free software.
Homepagers' Weekly Horoscope Site
Miscellaneous popular astrology stuff.
Mary Greer's Tarot Links
I don't use Tarot (and mantics at all), but this page seems to be very useful for those who use it.
Tarot Programs
Some Tarot-related software.
Nostradamus and Prophecy
Earth Changes Report Home Page
Our Future Revealed
Big e-book about Revelation, Nostradamus etc.
Fabio R. Araujo's homepage
Shareware e-book "The Prophecies of Nostradamus".
The Prodigal Son page
"The final Quatrains that finish the Seventh century".
Revelation deciphered
New site. Many interesting things about Nostradamus, Revelation etc.
Some quatrains with interpretations.
Nostradamus Yahoo Search Results
La Maison de Nostradamus
Visit a Nostradamus museum in Salon! Slow site.
Campings de Salon de Provence - Camper en Provence
Would you like to visit a city of Nostradamus?
Nostradamus Net Resources
List of useful (and useless) Nostradamus-related links.
Soleils de l'Apocalypse
Very good-looking French site. Original texts of Nostradamus's prophecies, some info. Very interesting novel "Soleils de l'Apocalypse" . It's a really _French_ site.
Goro Adachi (Prophetic Insights)
Very good site. Centuries of Nostradamus, interpretations and other prophecies _in galore_.
Nostradamus society of America
As is. Looks very good, but still nothing to download.
Nostradamus (russian site)
Second Russian Nostradamus site (mine was the first). Some legends and very bad translations of prophecies.
Dictionnaire de Nostradamus
Big site, very useful info, adequate text of prophecies.
Nostradamus's Prophesies Interpretations
I general, it's online book. Very interesting.
The End Days - Catholic Prophecy On Coming Great Chastisement.
Another view on Apocalypse.
This guy pretends to be a second Nostradamus! Another one...

Music, poetry and e-books

La page de Georges Brassens
My favorite French singer and poet.
Brel: Indits et Chansons
Brel: unpublished works.
Jacques Brel Page
Some songs of Brel. Russian site!
Les liens.
Collection of French-music-related links.
Collection of French midi files.
Karaoke francaise
Collection of French karaoke (kar) files.
Un peu de posie franaise
French poetry. Very good.
Le Musicien Branch
French midi files.
Version Franaise Catalog
Full catalog of French CD-titles.
Books of Victor Pelevin - most popular Russian writer in Internet.
Moshkow books
Another collection of Russian books.
Collection of links to Russian e-books.
Russkaya Literatura v Internete
The biggest collection of Russian books in Internet.

Paranormal (UFO etc.)

Josip Rakonca's Home Page
Collection of paranormal links. Croatia. (In English).
Protree UFO Center
Very large UFO archive.
Serious UFO site.
Galactic database
UFO files (partly fakes, of course).
The Lance
Occult mysteries of Third Reich.
" "
Homepage of Russian newspaper (paranormal, mysteries of history etc). Russian only.
Douglas Ave. Bunch's: Cool Sites
Paranormal links.
Hale-Bopp page by C.Shramek.
Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies
Mysteries of nature. Very interesting and serious.
The Lunar Anomalies Homepage
As is. Interesting.
Anomalous Images and UFO Files
As is.
UFO Folklore
Good collection of UFO images.
Kooki's Homepage
Alchemists, Atlantis etc. In French.
The "Seven Wonders of the Web"
Mysteries of nature.
60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time
JFK, UFO and other related mumbo-jumbo.
Strange Universe
Mysteries of nature.
Unexplained phenomena
Mysteries of nature.
Newspaper about paranormal. In Russian.