WAVs from Russian movies

This is a very simple task: to make available to public some famous sounds from famous Russian movies.
I saw many sites with similar stuff from American movies ("Hasta la vista, baby", "I'll be back" etc etc etc), but Russian - no. So I've take some wavs from 2 those excellent movies.

I'm not sure if you really need these files. But if  you are a russophile, if you speak Russian or if you're just an amateur of original hard-to-find stuff - you really need it! These 2 movies are VERY popular in Russia.

First of them - "Brilliantovaya ruka" ("Diamond hand", L.Gaidai, 1968) is a brilliant parody on action movies, including wondreful allusions to the stupid Soviet lifestyle of 60-s. This movie sometimes looks like "Naked gun", but "Diamond hand" was produced in 1968! He's still actual. And there was a lot of excellent actors such as J.Nikulin, A.Mironov, A.Papanov. You should see this movie - althought if you're not a russophile.

Second movie is a TV-serie (5 parts) "Mesto vstrechi izmenit' nel'zya" ("You can't change the point of meeting", S.Govorukhin, 1980). It's not a comedy, it's a criminal drama about Moscow police after Second World War. Main role here was interpreted by an excellent Russian actor, poet, songwriter and singer Vladimir Vysotsky (1938-1980); his participation in this movie had make this movie dramatically popular. Althought it's a drama, there are still many funny scenes with very funny phrases - grabbed by me for this site.

All this sounds are in WAV format (22 kHz, 8 bit mono) and packed by ZIP (to decrease the download time).

My name is Alexey Penzensky, I live in Moscow and I'm an astrologer and historian. If you want, you can visit my main homepage for Nostradamus and astrology stuff. You can also drop me a line by clicking here.

Sorry for my English, it's not my native language, as you can understand :)

So let's the fun begin! 

"Diamond hand" (English transcription of Russian text) 

"Mesto vstrechi izmenit' nel'zya" (English transcription of Russian text)
The translation is not available. It's almost impossible to translate Russian and Soviet slang on English. However, you can ask me for the meaning of these phrases and I'll reply.