My name is Alexey Penzensky. I'm Russian-born historian and professional astrologer. Actually I write the book about Nostradamus's life anf prophecies. I have also huge contacts with mass media and publish my articles about Nostradamus and astrology in the mass media. Many times I was interviewed by Russian and foreign journalists (from Czech Republic, Austria, Japan. Norway, England).

Here you can find some texts of  Nostradamus prophecies and my articles about astrology and Nostradamus. Some materials such as my astrological articles, my works on Nostradamus, my poems are available in Russian only - sorry. I'd like to translate my Russian works about Nostradamus in English or make a little resume of my little "finds". Perhaps I'll find more time to make it. I think it's necessary; unfortunately, I'm more familiar with French.

By the way, I have here something for English-speaking visitors... Enjoy!

ŠAlexey Penzensky 1997, 1999

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