Julian Telias wrote:

I have the text in Spanish, but i would like to have images of Nostradamus Prophecies. Do you know some book that have images?

If you are talking about images of covers, title pages etc, you can find some books of Daniel Ruzo (he lives in Brazil) in Spanish and French; he have a very huge collection of old Nostradamus editions and in his books you'll see many reproductions of them.

If you're talking about illustrations to prophecies, I have to disappoint you: the Nostradamus's prophecies were not illustrated. Only in 1970-s in USA was published an album of Bruce Pennington devoted to Nostradamus with many pictures (very good, in my opinion).

Michael wrote:

I would like to mention something that may not be important, and probably you have already noticed it anyway. In the Epistle to Henry II, Nostradamus mentions the new Babylon and says that it will only last 73 years and 7 months. Could this refer to the Soviet Union? If you begin counting in October, 1917, this would take you to May, 1991.

Yes! But "Revolution" was in October 25 by old style; by new style it's November, 7; so it will be June, 1991 (in this month Yeltsin became Russian president).

We can count from January 1918; in this month Bolcheviks have disperse an Democratic parlament of Russia (Uchreditel'noe sobranije). This would take us to August, 1991.

And also you can notice that the description of New Babylon and his history in Nostradamus's letter is very close to real history of Soviet Union. This prediction of Nostradamus was very popular in the former USSR in 1970-1980e.

J.Wesolowski wrote (in 1998):

I came upon your Web Page and I was wondering whether you might be able to clear some doubts that I have. First of all, I'd like to bring your attention to the current world situation and how we are slowly slipping towards Armageddon.

Yes, I agree...

Many things are currently happening in and around the Balkan Peninsula,


which (correct me if I'm wrong) is where Nostradamus foresaw the upcoming

Third World War.

I shouldn't say "Third World War"; no more wars can be "World" but I think that we can talk about the times of Deep Troubles...

Comet Hale-Bopp is riding our evening skies and Mars is opposite our planet...too many coincidences I'm afraid.

Me too. I only have one hope that the world can suppress these "self-destructing" intention... I've found that the rising of Antichrist was fixed by Nostradamus to XXIII century, thought. So we can hope.

David wrote:

Do you have the birth day (and time?) for Moscow in 1147? or the data for any other cities (St. Petersburg, Paris, etc.).

Unfortunately, I can't help you. Moscow was not founded in 1147; this is a date of first mention of Moscow in chronicles. Actual birth day of Moscow is unknown... Sorry.

What's concerning St. Petersburg, my colleague A.Timashev wrote me that St. Petersburg was founded 27 may 1703 (new style). Time is unknown, but rectification claims about 8-00 GMT (Uranus on ASC)

Konstantin Joukovski wrote:

In one of your papers you wrote, that there had been 7 solar eclipses in 1917. Do you have information about exact dates (and possibly places) of these eclipses?


8.1 total Moon at 7.44 GMT

23.1 partial Solar at 7:28 GMT

19.6 partial Solar at 13:15 GMT

4.7 total Moon at 21:39 GMT

19.7 partial Solar at 2:42 GMT

14.12 annular Solar at 9:27 GMT

and 28.12 total Moon 9:46 GMT

Not bad! I don't know when it was possible to see all phases of these events... But you can refer to astronomy calendars and ephemeris (I recommend British naval ephemeris, even in Moscow you can find this stuff - in Lenin library), or old Russian astronomy calendars. There you'll find all info about eclipses.

It's possible that you can use some astronomical shareware such as Astronomy Lab or Skymap (for Win) to "steal" this info.

And how often do such things happen (I mean 7 solar eclipses in one year)?

AFARAIK, very rare. In XX century (AFARAIK again) - it was only one year. You should refer to the popular astronomy literature. I don't know much about these statistics... sorry.

Slaton wrote:

Where are the artifacts of Nostradamus located? There has been mention of a black mirror that he used, does it really exists? Are these artifacts located in a museum?

In Salon, Provence (France) is a museum of Nostradamus. I think there it's possible to find some Nostradamus stuff. But this "mirror" is only a legend and no one knows if this mirror really existed.

Peter wrote:

Could you provide me some background on Primakov?

OK, let's the fun begin...

Primakov born October 29, 1929 in Kiev.

In 1953 received the diploma of Moscow College of Orient.

In 1956 - PhD of economy in Moscow State University.

Speaks Georgian, Armenian (?), Arab and English.

In 1953-1956 - journalist of Soviet TV and Radio.

1956 - 1960 . works in headquarters of Soviet radio.

1960 - 1962 . works in headquarters of Soviet TV.

1962-1966 - journalist of "Pravda" (writes articles about Asia and Africa)

1966-1970 - as "Pravda" journalist, works in Arab states.

From 1970 . - vice-director of Institute of World Economy and

International Relations of Soviet Academy of Sciences.

From 1977 . - director of Institute of Orient of Soviet Academy of Sciences.

In 1985 . - director of Institute of World Economy and International Relations of Soviet Academy of Sciences.

1986-1989 - candidate to Central Committee of Communist Party (thanks to Gorbi)

1989-1990 - member of Central Committee of Communist Party.

After success of August Revolution of 1991 Primakov became a first vice-chairman of KGB.

From September 1991 to Jan 1996 he's a chief of intelligence service.

(Yeltsin had to complete destroy KGB; to do so, he divided KGB to ~10 services; Primakov was on of destroyers of KGB!)

Jan 9 1996 . he became foreign minister of Russia.

Is it biography of KGB agent? No. Only 1 month he worked in KGB, - the last month of this monster.

Basically, Primakov was a creature of Gorbatchev. Yeltsin used him; that's strange 'cause our President doesn't like Gorbi and his former servants (Russian people too :)).