Yougoslavian birthdates

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Name/event Birth date Death date Birthplace Death place Who is Notes
Serbian Kingdom (first national state) January 4, 1217         Asc 23Tau/ MC 2 Aq
Josip Ban (Graf) Jelacic October 16, 1801 May 19, 1859 Petrovaradin, Serbia near Zagreb Croatian politician and soldier who, as ban, or provincial governor, of Croatia under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, helped crush the Hungarian nationalist revolt against the empire in 1848.   
Peter II November 13, 1813 October 31, 1851 Njegos, Montenegro Cetinje The vladika or prince-bishop of Montenegro from 1830 to 1851, renowned as an enlightened ruler, an intrepid warrior, and especially as a poet.   
Karageorge November 3, 1762 July 13, 1817  Visevac, Serbia Radovanje Leader of the Serbian people in their struggle for independence from the Turks and founder of the Karageorgevic dynasty.  
Milos  March 18, 1780 September 26, 1860 Srednja Dobrinja, Serbia Topcider, near Belgrade Serbian peasant revolutionary who became prince of Serbia (1815-39 and 1858-60) and who founded the Obrenovic dynasty.  
Nicholas I October 7, 1841 March 2, 1921 Njegos, Montenegro Antibes, Fr. Prince (1860-1910) and then king (1910-18) of Montenegro, who transformed his small principality into a sovereign European nation.   
Nikola Pasic December 31, 1845 December 10, 1926 Zajecar, Serbia Belgrade Prime minister of Serbia (1891-92, 1904-05, 1906-08, 1909-11, 1912-18) and prime minister of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (1918, 1921-24, 1924-26).  
Peter I Karageorgevic July 11, 1844 August 16, 1921 Belgrade Topcider, near Belgrade King of Serbia from 1903, the first strictly constitutional monarch of his country. In 1918 he became the first king of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (later called Yugoslavia).   
Yougoslavia (Kraljevina SHS) December 1, 1918   Belgrade     19:54:00 PM CET
Alexander I Karageorgevic December 16, 1888 October 9, 1934  Cetinje, Montenegro Marseille King of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (1921-29) and of Yugoslavia (1929-34), who struggled to create a united state out of his politically and ethnically divided collection of nations.   
Prince Paul Karageorgevic April 27, 1893 September 14, 1976 St. Petersburg, Russia Paris, Fr. Regent of Yugoslavia in the period leading into World War II.  
Peter II Karageorgevic September 6, 1923       King of Yugoslavia (1934-45)  
Stjepan Radic July 11, 1871 August 8, 1928 Trebarjevo, Croatia Zagreb (?) Peasant leader and advocate of autonomy for Croatia (within a federalized Yugoslavia).   
Ante Pavelic July 14, 1889 December 28, 1959  Bradina, Bosnia Madrid Croatian fascist leader and revolutionist who headed a Croatian state subservient to Germany and Italy during World War II.   
Dragoljub "Draza" Mihailovic March 27, 1893 July 17, 1946 Ivanjica, Serbia Belgrade Army officer and head of the royalist Yugoslav underground army, known as the Chetniks (*q.v.*), during World War II. Executed by Titoists.  
Josip Broz Tito  May 7, 1892 (?) May 4, 1980  Kumrovec, near Zagreb, Croatia Ljubljana Statesman and guerrilla commander who was the leader of the Yugoslav Partisans in World War II, the effective head of Yugoslavia from 1943, and its elective president from 1953 to 1980. ASC seems to be in Leo
Edvard Kardelj January 27, 1910 February 10, 1979 Ljubljana, Slovenia Ljubljana Yugoslav revolutionary and politician, a close colleague and chosen successor of Josip Broz Tito. He was the chief ideological theoretician of Yugoslav Marxism, or Titoism.   
Mosa Pijade January 4, 1890 March 16, 1957     Communist parliament chairman, Tito's Marxist teacher  
Milovan Djilas June 12, 1911       Yugoslav parliament chairman/VP, dissident, writer ("New Class")  
Gavrilo  May 17, 1881 May 7, 1950 Moraca, Montenegro Belgrade Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church (1938-50), noted for his anti-Nazi stand and, later, for his limited accommodations with the Communists.   
Alexandar Rancovic November 28, 1909       Partisan/vice-premier, UDBA (secret service) chief  
Fran'o Tujman 14 May, 1922       Croatian leader  
Slobodan Milosevic August 19, 1941   Pozarevac, Yugos. (21e11,44n37)   Serbian leader 20:58:30 PM CET
Yougoslavia April 27, 1992 14:05   Belgrade      
Radovan Karadzic 19 June 1945    Savnik (Montenegro)   Former President of the Bosnian Serb administration in Pale.  
Ratko Mladic 12 March 1943   Kalinovik (Bosnia)   Career military officer, general in the Bosnian Serb armed forces. Former commander of the army of the Bosnian Serb administration.  
Ivan Gundulic January 8, 1589 December 8, 1638 Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Dalmatian poet and dramatist whose epic poem *Osman* was the outstanding achievement of the Renaissance flowering of art and literature that gave Dubrovnik the name of the "South Slav Athens."   
Nikola Tesla  July 9, 1856 January 7, 1943 Smiljan, Croatia


NYC Serbian-American inventor and researcher who discovered the rotating magnetic field, the basis of most alternating-current machinery. 00:57:00 AM LMT 
Emir Kusturica November 24, 1955   Sarajevo   Movie director ("Underground", "Chat gris, chat noir") 05:02:00 AM CET
Milorad Pavich October 15, 1929   Belgrade    Serbian writer 08:03:30 AM CET

"I'm Libra with Asc in Scorpio" - M.Pavich

Ruggero Giuseppe Boscovich May 18, 1711 February 13, 1787  Dubrovnik Milan Astronomer and mathematician  
Miroslav Krleza July 7, 1893  December 29, 1981  Zagreb Zagreb Novelist and playwright who was a dominant figure in modern Croatian literature.   
Ivo Andric October 10, 1892 March 13, 1975 Dolac, near Travnik, Bosnia Belgrade Writer of Serbo-Croatian novels and short stories (Nobel Prize for Literature in 1961).